A Note To Myself

I am evolution and this is just one of my forms.

The Spirit is the chain of evolution, ever better, never ending. The ideal that all which exists results from.

Realized or not, you can think of the idea of a Quality human. That individual represents the best a human can do in making things better, making them persistent and sustainable and harmonious.

What might it look like: imagine we are each one of the wholly spirit centipede’s infinite toes moving it forward. The idea of the best appendage would be one that did its job perfectly such as to move the whole, the entire, everything forward as best as can be done. To sustain the big never ending spirit of evolution. Perfect rhythm. Music. So we aim for that. Or rather, we’re aimed at that. (Chicken and egg, instinct and intention.) But only some of us get close. And maybe some are only somewhat good. But even a somewhat good rhythm can be good and keep the groove alive.

Then there’s that which is outside the spirit and its work: The Medium harboring reality, rules beyond livable comprehension. And reality persists through the above dynamic, within those incomprehensible rules along many levels of abstraction all the way down or up (turtles’ backs or whatever) to that of human consciousness. Us realizing and producing The Good through righteous effort.

To manifest our part of the good, that is our calling. To do otherwise is do dwell in the finite, incoherent, limited confines of the flesh. To be the appendage only, and not the whole; the leg, without the centipede. We are built to persist the whole. The whole has no obligation to us. We are it. We can chose to walk or not. But stagnation is no different than death, and the same for purposelessness.

Be the whole. Not the leg.

And pray to the thing that gives hypotheses to show you what you might do to be a better reflection of The Good and then work to actually do that.

Maybe then you’ll be fulfilled.

Also, floss more.