Letter to Me

There is so much potential in the world. If you constantly demonstrate this fact to yourself, you will be forever happy. By realizing that anything we can “know” is founded on belief, which is itself subjective – in the sense that it varies from person to person – then you realize that there is no monopoly on righteousness, ever. All you can ever hope to do is be as happy as possible in the moment. Combine this idea with the realization that everything is in motion, and you come to understand that any interpretation of righteousness has to be fluid or it won’t work, in the practical sense. So knowing you need to have some sense of whats right and wrong in order to be happy (e.g. killing a police officer will likely make you unhappy for many reasons), and also knowing that everything is in motion, it’s possible to understand that a lot of the corner cases for what we hold to be true, need to be constantly revaluated. That’s where boundaries come in. Your boundaries are no more defined than anyone else, so explore yours and respect others! That’s the key. Then you see that the cynic’s perspective is bogus. Everyone has the potential to be as “bad” or “good” as they choose. It’s not zero sum! With that information, life is fantastic, because in the long run, people are, inclined to pursue happiness. So smile at everyone and feel connected, because it’s freaking awesome.

I don’t even care that this is probably the most obscure thing I’ve written in a while, I need to get his off my chest. I’ve been incredibly happy, and it’s because of this. I feel connected and part of something, along with everyone else that wants to be happy. It’s like a super exclusive club that let’s everyone in. We’re pursuing the most valuable thing in the world, without any focus on money, and we’re making exponential progress.

I can’t stop beaming.