No. Fucks. Given.

Written by some random dude on the internets:

Have you ever played any RPGS, like Final Fantasy?

You, real life you, are the protagonist of this story. Everyone, and I mean everyone else is a [Non Player Character].

Your mom is an NPC, your boss is an NPC, every stranger on the street is an NPC. Hell, even your shitty little cat is an NPC.

Now, how much do the NPCs really affect you? NPCs are never the story, my friend, they only exist to help you move the story along. Your story.

So if you screw up, or feel awkward, or want to start a conversation with a stranger, then don’t feel stressed out. Laugh it off, you’re the protagonist, they’re just an NPC. They deserve no fucks.

I’m telling you this because your story needs to move along. I’ve been put here by the gods of this narrative for just one purpose, to help you see the truth. I’m your muse and I’m revealing a major fucking plot point here, something the other NPCs will never tell your: this is your story.

Live it the way you want to. No. Fucks. Given.

Such awesome stuff.

Quick legend for non-geeky friends:

  • Replace PRG with drama, film, etc.
  • Replace NPC with supporting actor.
  • Replace muse with lead supporting actor.