Who I'm Looking For

…but not just any girl.

Find one who’s idealistic,
fun loving, 
generous with her smile and laugh.

A girl who’s adventurous,
and contemplative, and curious.

A girl who knows how to be a lady
and a child and a man, too.

A girl who’s smart and knows about
some of the things I know about and
some of the things I don’t.

A girl who dances, because she needs to.

A girl who remembers how to imagine,
so she can remind me when I forget.

(Do the same for her.)

A girl whose heart explodes to a
complementary rhythm.

One who craves music and movement,
and people to share with.

But also, a girl with gumption.

A girl with self-respect,
and self-control,
and self-image.

A girl who knows when it’s time to be real.

A girl who knows nothing is permanent,
and tries not to take things for granted.

A girl who works hard and for a reason.

A girl who has a reason.

Is that who you’ve found? Is it who you’re looking for?